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Fire Protection Services

  • Ensuring a person with expertise in FP – regular checks of FP
  • Classification of activities according to fire hazards (FH)
  • Design activities (fire safety of buildings)
  • Preparation and maintenance of FP documentation pursuant to Article 27, Fire Prevention Regulation.
  • Training of staff members and managers
  • Training of FP prevention technicians and members of fire prevention patrols
  • Support supervision during activities and events with higher FH
  • Written PERMITS for one-off activities or events with higher FH
  • Examinations of fire hydrant mains
  • Examinations of fire extinguishers
  • Examinations of fire dampers
  • Inspections and examinations of electrical fire-alarms
  • Heat-retardant coating (steel/wood), including certificates
  • Fire protection and safety marking in buildings (pursuant to ČSN ISO 3864, or Government Decree Nr. 11/2002 Coll.)
  • Assistance during negotiations with National Fire Protection Authorities
  • Supplies of material – as needed by our customers.

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