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Medical Care for Employees

  • Pursuant to Article 40, Act Nr. 20/66 Coll., as amended, any natural person carrying out business activities and any legal entity shall provide its employees with medical care as defined in the Labour Code.
  • Medical care for employees is provided in co-operation with the employer and consists in preventive care, including protection of employees’ health against occupational diseases or other ailments related to work and prevention of industrial injuries.

Facilities specializing in medical care for employees provide mainly services as follows:

  • Regular inspections of workplaces,
  • Advisory in protection and support of health and social welfare of employees,
  • Determining the influence of work and work conditions on man at work,
  • Preventive medical examinations of employees,
  • They co-operate with Hygiene Stations and support education and training on health protection and support,
  • They co-operate with the employer in ranking its employees in categories according to hygiene of work.
Medical facilities providing medical care for employees
MUDr. Vladimír Kraus
Učňovská 1, 190 00 Praha 9
Phone: +420 266 106 201
MUDr. Štěpánka Lagrange
Na Slupi 6, Praha 2
Phone: +420 221 969 313

MUDr. Eva Stádníková
Kolbenova 159/5c, 190 00 Praha 9

Phone: +420 283 890 744

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