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Pursuant to Act Nr. 262/2006 Coll., Article 103, Labour Code, as amended, an employer is obliged as follows:

  • Provide its employees with training on legal and other regulations to ensure protection of occupational health and safety that meet qualification requirements for their jobs and are related to their work and workplaces; each employer is required to carry out regular examination of this safety awareness and compliance checks
  • Based on the needs and the nature of their work an employer is obliged to provide with reasonable frequency its employees – employees with fixed-term employment contracts, juvenile employees and their statutory representatives in particular – with adequate and sufficient information and instructions on occupational health and safety, specifically to inform them about risks, results of risk assessment and provisions adopted to protect them against risks and their impacts as they relate to their work and workplaces.
  • At present, the applicable laws do not set specific deadlines for repeated OHS training. Generally, employees are trained when they report for work (before they start working), when they change their position, or work description.

Recommended frequency:

  • Staff members once in 2 years
    (Recommendation: a well-trained manager is their trainer)
  • Managers once in 3 years
    (Recommendation: an OHS technician is their trainer)
  • OHS training documents:
    Topics and time schedule of training, list of participants, a test, if applicable, and a Training Certificate issued to managers.
  • Specialized – professional training
    Where required by applicable laws (e.g. for electricians, power truck drivers, professional drivers, boiler attendants, crane drivers, binders, operators working at heights and over open depths), employees are obliged to get regularly specialized training in addition to OHS courses. Regular medical examinations are required for certain jobs.


To meet all requirements and wishes of our customers, we can organize all kinds of specialized – professional training courses lead by external trainers – specialists. For more detailed information please contact us.

* For further information on the scope, dates and locations of training please contact us – formats and conditions of training can be agreed upon individually.

Required trainings can be organized either directly at our customers’ sites, or in our training centre big enough to seat 40 trainees.

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